Avoid Overspending on Bridal Alterations Wedding Dress!

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Avoid overspending on bridal alterations for your wedding dress!

There are soooooo many small ways, but there are 3 big ways that we are going to check off the list first to be sure you are not left in the dark.

1. Waited too long to meet – Be sure the business you are using is in your price range before waiting months before the wedding day to discover you have no options to shop due to lack of time.

2. Choose a qualified seamstress/company – Prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses are great, but when it comes to a designer wedding dress it’s another level of care.

Start with a quality business you trust before assuming the price range is too high. Choosing an unqualified seamstress/tailor based on price alone will leave you spending double when you have to pay to fix mistakes that can or cannot be fixed. I see this mistake too often as I understand the need to save.

Are there other places you can cut back?
Cutting into your dress is one I want you to consider an investment into the quality of your wedding dress. There is no wrong or right, but I do believe this question deserves thought.

3. Waiting till the first meeting to meet the alterations team – many brides have No communication with the team that will be assisting them through the important part … the fit!

Why wait till your first fitting to find out materials needed to be ordered?
Are they in your price range?
Can they handle a designer wedding dress with ease or will this be a bit of a challenge in communication, creativity or in technical aspects?
How is their communication?
Is English their first language and yours?
Is there someone else on the team that can assist you should there be a need?

We talk more about these important questions you can take with you to the seamstress in your area.

Remember, not every bride plans to invest heavily in wedding dress alterations!
The point here isn’t to push you to spend more.

The idea is to give you the proper tools you can take with you to navigate and find the right business who will meet your expectations in an area many of us do not do often.

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