Your Big Day? ASMR Relaxing Wedding Makeup & Pampering (1 HOUR)

Hello, world! I’m Charlotte ASMRtist. Nice to meet you! Here is my first bridal makeup video for you. I am your bridesmaid and I have the honor of making you relaxed and beautiful on your special day. There’s no hurry, we have plenty of time for you so just relax as I make you fabulous.

My schedule:
2 ASMR videos weekly. Sometimes more if I want!
1 Livestream weekly so we can chill.

I know alot of you guys really like my livestreams and gaming. So, I decided to dedicate another channel to mostly livestreams (both ASMR and NON ASMR). It’s called “Charlotte LIVE” Let’s hang out there!

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I’ve been making ASMR videos for 4 years :-0 Thank you, my friends for being here with me! Yeah, You! I see you! 😀

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