How To Dress Well In Summer Weddings | گرمی میں شادی | Tips For Summer Wedding | Wedding Dress Men’s

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How To Dress Well In Summer Weddings | گرمی میں شادی | Tips For Summer Wedding | Wedding Dress Men’s
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In this video I gives you complete information of summer dressing for weddings. I gives you different dressing options in which you classy manly and sexy
Dressing no 1 kurta pajama
No:1 simple kurta pajama
This kurta is a simple kurta pajama no design and pattern are add on this kurta. Pajama color is same with your kurta
Colors option: don’t go with bright and dark colors
1. white
2. sky
3. blue
4. gery

Fabric option
1. cotton
2. linen

No:2 design kurta pajama
In this kurta design in your ban and cuffs you can wear match pajama , white and black pajama. You can also wear straight and churidar pajama.

Colors options: you can wear dark kurta if you are wearing a white pajama
1. yellow
2. mustard
3. red
4. maroon

fabric option: same
No:3 slik kurta pajama
Fabric option: cotton silk
Color: lit colors

No:4 waistcoat
You should wear a dark waistcoat if you are wearing a light kurta pajama. If you are dark kurta pajama then you should wear a lit color waistcoat

Dressing no 2 shalwar kameez
Those people who want to want more mature and manly I highly recommend shalwar kameez you can also wear a waistcoat if you a close relation function
Color options:
1. white
2. blue
3. lit blue
4. sky
5. grey
6. lit grey

Dressing no 3 semi-formal
Formal shirt and cotton pents and formal shoes with watch
Shirt color option:
1. white
2. lit blue
3. peach
4. grey
Fabric option
1. chambray
2. cotton
3. linen

Dressing no 4 semi-formal with waistcoat
You can wear on top waistcoat if think pent shirt is simple and you have close relation wedding

Dressing no 5 suit
You can wear summer suits if you have a high budget and also you have a close relation wedding

Bonus tips
1. roll up sleeves
2. watch
3. beard trim
4. hair styling
5. perfume
6. apply shoe shiner

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