What to Bring, Wear, Expect in Your First Bridal Appointment!

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What to Bring, Wear, Expect in Your First Bridal Appointment!

Dedicating this video to Trish @BeatBoxPortraits for the awesome questions in the comments!
Trish says: “I would love to know your “Best Tips” on what to bring to a dress shopping experience. My couples ask these questions all the time, I would love to know what the experts say!”

Girl, We got you!!
In this video we talk about what to bring, what to wear and what to expect!
We cover arriving late/on time and other important questions for the bride and her guests.

Here is a checklist to help with everything we covered today:
#1: What should I wear + what to bring CHECKLIST:
– Should I Do My Hair + Make Up? Yes! It’s such a visual process. This helps women visualize the look and also makes you feel confident and pretty in photos.
– Hair tie/clip: We have some here but a lot of brides like to bring their own that work best for their hair type and length.
– Clothing: Dress cute, but comfy! Maxi dress, romper, light clothing to take pictures in and easy to change into.
– Underwear: Yes! For sanitary purposes, underoos are required. Your stylist and other future brides thank you for wearing underwear to your appointment.
– Strapless Bra: If you own a strapless bra, wear one instead of a regular bra or bring one. If you do not own one, don’t purchase one just for the appointment.
– Spanx: If Spanx are your jam, wear them! They will keep you covered and will make you feel more confident. If you have never worn Spanx in your life, do not purchase them for this appointment. We will teach you how to navigate this conversation, gf!
– Shoes: If heels and heel height are important to you, wear your favorite pair of heels. Dresses are long so this is a great idea if you are 5’7″ or shorter to have a pair that are broken in and comfy for walking purposes only.
– Water bottle: There is nothing wrong with chugging water during the appointment! If you are like me, you take your favorite water bottle every where you go.

#2: Why is my stylist asking to see my photos in my appointment even though we already talked about them and submitted them to Ava’s?

#3: Where do I go when I arrive?

#4: We talk about why we want to ask questions/sending pictures/give you a quick phone call to be sure we are on the right track with your appointment in this video.

#5: How long does the appointment last?

#6: Should I arrive early?

#7: What if I am late?

#8: Can I stay and try on dresses on my own if my appointment time is over?

#9: Is Food/Drink Allowed in the Salon?

#10: Is Champagne Served in the Appointment?

#11: What is the cost of the bridal appointment?

#12: When is the appointment considered a “Standard Bridal Appointment” for no additional charge?

#13: Who should I bring to my appointment?

#14: How many guests are allowed in a “Free Standard Bridal Appointment” vs “Paid Group Reservations for a Small Fee”.

#15: How do I qualify for a 1st Time Bride Incentive?

#16: What is a dress reveal and how does that work for my large group to avoid a fee?

#17: Are children allowed in the appointment at no charge?

#18: What is the charge to bring children to my bridal appointment?

#19: Are children allowed in the champagne room?

#20: If I have a paid reservation for a VIP Upgrade, where is the food served? Where is food not allowed? At what point during the appointment do we use the party room and have food/beverage?

That’s a lot of questions, huh!? ha! It goes to show why I love this business and my ever growing career in Bridal. Back in 1998 when I first started my business, we NEVER DREAMED these types of questions or experiences would be a conversation! In 2019, we have so many incredible ways to make this appointment a FAIL and a NAIL. We are SO EXCITED to welcome NEW BRIDES and show you how we build value for our brides by making the experience Fun, Meaningful, and Low Stress! What happens AFTER you say yes? Now what? We got you! We walk you through all the important alteration tips, bridesmaid tips, and other tips every woman needs to know. There is so much I can’t wait to teach moms, brides, sisters and besties!

Here are other videos we mentioned in today’s video as well:
VIP Virtual Tour – Welcome Video!: https://youtu.be/abxQ-RWFDKM
What to expect in our ordering process at Ava’s: https://youtu.be/zVzpUMM85_o

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