Arranging a perfect bridal bouquet with 12 roses

How to make a bridal bouquet with 12 roses. DIY bridesmaids bouquet. Step by step tutorial for creating a perfect dozen roses bridal bouquet. Many of my friends and other florist always ask me if I have some kind of pattern or scheme to arrange my perfect dozen roses bridal bouquet. And yes, I do have simple trick, that I noticed long time ago and always use when making bridal or bridesmaids bouquet. Generally speaking it is not easy to assemble dozen roses together in perfect round shape bouquet if you do not know how to do it right. You just have to pay attention to details, because roses are not the same. Some roses have bigger and more solid heads and some have smaller and softer. By separating roses by size I can simply play with them when creating the bouquet. Watch this video to learn my scheme and my technique. I hope my professional experience will be helpful.
Materials used:
Dozen ivory roses
Israeli ruscus
Floral tape, satin ribbon, pearl pins and floral instruments.

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